Reclaiming our sexuality as we age is a feminist act. Image: Thinkstock.

Reclaiming Sexuality As We Age

[CN: ageism, sexism] What kind of screwed-up culture do we live in where young girls are considered to be sexual beings, but women over 40 are “too Read...
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Just thinking about having sex with someone literally made me feel nauseated. Image: Thinkstock.

I Tried Celibacy To Find Sexual Healing — But It Backfired

[CN: sexual assault] No more sex — no touching, fondling… Nada. I was done. I had a new mission: to heal. Read...
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Hookup culture itself is not inherently a problem. It just isn’t for you. Image: Thinkstock.

Hookup Culture Is Not Inherently A Problem

Tinder's convenience hasn't “converted” anyone into suddenly only wanting one-night stands. I’ve never heard anyone say “I used to only want to sleep Read...
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His hatred of all things pleasure-based is no surprise to anybody. Image: "ted cruz is smug" by Jamelle Boule/Flickr. CC BY 2.0

7 Sex Positions Ted Cruz Will HATE (But You'll LOVE!)

We're not saying you need an excuse to have wild, crazy, satisfying and fully consensual sex... But if you did, what could be better motivation than Read...
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Slut-shaming is how we explain the gendered double standard of sexual respectability: It’s women taking flak for the sex we have, while men are applauded for simply “doing what men do.” Image: Thinkstock.

How STI Stigma Perpetuates Slut-Shaming

Four years ago, I could be found most mornings at the same café with the same blue notebook and a mug of hot coffee. I was trying to write the story Read...
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Unless you’re talking explicitly about gay men, please don’t use the term ‘gay’ as a catch-all for our community. Image: Thinkstock.

Having Sex With Women Doesn't Make Me Gay

If I have sex with a woman, it does not make me gay. As someone who identifies as female, it doesn’t even make me a lesbian. Read...
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It's going to be OK! #STDAwareness month. Image: Thinkstock.

11 Questions I Asked Myself During My First STD Scare

For some of us, our first real taste of adulthood comes from sitting alone in a clinic, waiting to get our ding-dongs tested. Read...
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She was my Mr. Miyagi — except she was a cute young woman and there was a lot less karate.

4 Things I Learned From Dating A Professional Dominatrix

In the spring of 2013, I met a woman on OKCupid. She was petite, with a kind smile and a voice so soft that it could melt all your troubles away. Her Read...
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