Being a full-time caregiver can be exhausting at times, but the hardest part is honestly the isolation.

I’m 30 And A Full-Time Caregiver (And It’s Isolating)

While I may not get flowers on Mother’s Day, I live with the daily responsibilities that go along with the adulting of parenthood as a full-time Read...
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The author and her niece — so much cute!

Understanding My Privilege As A Mixed Race Woman With White Family

I have my own army who fights against injustice. I have a mother who handed out fliers boycotting grapes during Cesar Chavez’s unionizing efforts. I Read...
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If your sibling were raped by your friend, wouldn't you want to know? I most definitely would.

Ask Erin: Should I Tell My Brother That His Best Friend Raped Me?

She’s made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to… Ask Erin is a weekly advice column, in which Erin answers your burning questions about anything at Read...
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Ask Erin

My Schizophrenic Grandmother’s Footprints Are Just My Size

I had become utterly obsessed with the idea that the gene could ignite at any moment within my own body. As if the gene had preconceived notions or Read...
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One person can’t hold up the weight of another at all times. It’s especially difficult in situations of role reversal, like with parents and kids.

What's Not Said: When Your Parents Take A Toll On Your Health

It can really take a toll on you when you have to parent a parent. Read...
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Letting go with love helps them learn how to be happy with who they are.

9 Reasons To STOP Trying To Make Your Kids Into Who You Wish They'd Be

And accept them for who they are. Read...
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Doc McStuffins Now Features A Two-Mom, Biracial Family, Proving That Disney Is More Woke Than Most Of America

Kids just aren't born with this pre-conceived bullshit about people and families and sex and gender. Read...
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When an entirely unplanned (not even enough time to save money for) vacation opportunity landed in my lap, I said “yes” instead of passing as the typical me would.

How Travel Allowed Me To Reconnect With My Family

Family travel helped me see what I'd been missing out on. Read...
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