Fragmented Instructions For Half-formed Girls

Let’s say, hypothetically, that there are people on this earth who are currently saner than you. Read...
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Electric Blue: Fiction From Luna Luna Magazine

He exhaled with a nervous smile because all he could think of was how they'd known each other like this for six months and still hadn’t fucked. Read...
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The Fiction Student: From Luna Luna Magazine

So simple to be kissing a man who'd written the kinds of books her classmates were reading in classes like The New American Novel. Read...
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Falls: Fiction From Luna Luna Magazine

I’m surprised by the calmness in my voice. You forgot to lock the front door. You moved out and turned my life into a fucking joke. Read...
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Necessity: Fiction From Luna Luna Magazine  

Your first venture out since the baby and here you are: unkempt, wearing sweatpants despite the heat. Read...

Gravity’s Revolt: Original Science Fiction

And yet, life remained. Humankind was not of such an ilk to disappear quietly into the night. Escape may yet come to pass Read...
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Martin Maxwell’s Very Bad Day: Ravishly Original Fiction

He had taken so much Dayquil at work that day he was reminded of the first time he smoked pot in college. Read...
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The Offering: Fiction From Luna Luna Magazine

Truth was, the chili gave me indigestion, but I couldn’t hang around without buying anything. Read...
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