One person can’t hold up the weight of another at all times. It’s especially difficult in situations of role reversal, like with parents and kids.

What's Not Said: When Your Parents Take A Toll On Your Health

It can really take a toll on you when you have to parent a parent. Read...
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I Wouldn't Have Survived Past Trauma Without Roller Derby 

"Roller Derby saved my soul." Read...
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Long Reads
I think wanting a relationship that isn’t muddied in past lives is not too much to ask.

Why I Would Never Date Someone Who Stayed Friends With Their Ex

I’m a pretty confident lady, and yet, I would never date someone who stayed close friends with their ex. I just wouldn’t. Read...
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Sex + Love
As someone who is very dedicated to healing and emotional growth, I actually can’t afford to waste emotional energy on people and pursuits that deplete me.

Take The Cake: Stop Doing Sh*t You Hate

I have come to learn that most of the things I hate are things I can manage (if not eradicate) with boundaries, introspection, a sense of my needs as Read...
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Perhaps the process of seeking casual sex isn’t all that different from seeking long term partners?

From Monogamy To Open Marriage: How To Find (Good!) Casual Sex Online

If you think finding casual sex is easy, you’re not exactly right. Finding a human with a pulse who is willing to partake in casual sex is easy. Read...
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Sex + Love
Yes, it’s an honor to be part of the bride-tribe. But for some, it can be an impossible ask.

Can You Say No To Being A Bridesmaid? Yes, Here's How

The exact way to decline a bridesmaid invite and avoid the bride’s hate. Read...
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Wear what you want, sit how you want, BE how you want. You deserve it.

#SelfCareSunday: Taking Space As A Form Of Resistance

Take up your space. Breathe and allow yourself to fill the spot you are sitting in rather than tensing your muscles and trying to hold your body Read...
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Al-anon is a solid starting point for dealing with a loved one's addiction crisis.

Ask Erin: Should I Lighten Up About My Partner’s Drug And Alcohol Use? 

She’s made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to… Ask Erin is a weekly advice column, in which Erin answers your burning questions about Read...
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Ask Erin