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The unconditional love of a pet is like no other and makes for perfect holiday self-care!

Holiday Self-Care With Pets 

The love of a pet is like no other and makes for perfect holiday self-care! The company of animals can often be superior to the company of humans. Read...
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Image by Maria Shanina via Unsplash

Self-Care Resources To Prepare For Holiday Stressors: A Round-Up

At the tail-end of a Hold My Beer, 2016 sort of year, we could all use a little more self-care in our lives. Add to that the typical stressors of a Read...
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Asking for help is the hardest part.

What Happens When We Ask Each Other For Help

Asking for help is the hardest part. The truth is that asking for help is uncomfortable, even when we’ve been repeatedly reassured that it’s welcome. Read...
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Mentally ill people are not separate from us — they are part of us.

I'm Mentally Ill — And I Will NOT Be Your Mass Shooting Scapegoat 

Content Notice: mass shootings and violence, suicide mention In the wake of yet another act of  domestic terrorism, Donald Trump — who is so Read...
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Unfortunately, mental illness stops for no one, and I had to quickly improvise new ways to feel stable.

Working Full-Time With Mental Illness Is Hard: Here's How I Do It

Creating safeguards like this for myself has allowed me to better navigate the unpredictability of mental illness while working a fulltime job. Read...
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Before you send “thoughts and prayers” to a friend or family member in pain, reflect on whether you could be doing more harm than good.

Enough With Thoughts And Prayers

When my boyfriend broke up with me my sophomore year of high school, I was inconsolable. I suffered my first panic attack, stopped sleeping, Read...
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World War II veterans suffered acutely at the hands of a society intent on a single conformist vision of life that did not include mental illness. (Image of Pat courtesy of the author.)

When Veterans Come Home: My Grandfather And His Demons

I'm trying to unearth the secrets of my grandfather’s story of when veterans come home. I'm looking at what happened to the men of WW ll. Read...
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Long Reads
 When it comes to handling call outs, you have to know the difference between guilt and shame.

The Mental Health Guide To Handling Call Outs

Let’s face it: call outs sucks, no matter what it's about. It doesn’t help if you are in any way either mentally ill or neurodivergent. Read...
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