For the past 18 years, my dad and I have run in the local Thanksgiving Turkey Trot together.

Homecoming: The Thanksgiving Tradition Of A Turkey Trot 

For the past 18 years, my dad and I have run in the local Turkey Trot together. Holiday rituals make it almost impossible to ignore the passage of Read...
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Often I run because I’m afraid not to.

Why I Didn’t Post A Selfie After I Ran A Half Marathon

I will not be posting any victory selfies after races until I'm willing to tell the full story about my running and how I use it to aid and abet my Read...
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Rather than eating until I felt anxious that I was eating too much or wasting too much time, I ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was full. Image: Thinkstock.

3 Things That Changed When I Started Thinking Of Food As Fuel

Something changed for me when I heard my friend say, “I run so I can eat.” I run so I can cope, so I can feel invincible, so I can think. And so, in Read...
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I’m fat in my wedding photos, and I also look damn good. Image: The Clovers.

The Summer I Got Fat: A Love Story

I had always considered myself to be extremely body positive. I loved my body! I had several close friends who were fat activists, and I was working Read...
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"I felt good."

Running Literally Saved My Life

...But not in the way you'd think. Read...
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The Triumphs (And Humiliations) Of My First Ultramarathon

I discovered the mouthpieces of my water bottles were filled with mold, the race organizers were assholes, and I was tired and needed to pee. Read...
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Fadumo Dayib (Credit: Yle)

This Week In Pantsuit Politics: In Somalia, One Brave Woman Seeks The Highest Office In The Land

Also making headlines: Japan is welcoming five women to its cabinet, and Hillary has announced . . . when she may be announcing she's running. Read...
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Wonder what she's thinking about? (Credit: ThinkStock)

Brilliant Woman Invents Phallic Fitness Routine, Inspires All 

Claire Wyckoff has concocted an interesting running routine: run in the shape of dicks, then share on social media. In short, she's our hero. Read...
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