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I'm Glad I Chose Myself Over My Boyfriend​

I smiled and walked out the door, choosing myself over a guy, choosing my business over a person who wanted me to be someone I no longer was. Read...
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Doomed by our matching tattoos?

I Got Matching Tattoos With My Husband Because I Wanted To Curse Our Marriage

It's over. I know it's over because at least three people have told me that if you have your partner's name tattooed literally anywhere on your body Read...
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We texted day and night over weeks about novels, poems, single parenting, farming, teaching, and writing — proof positive of an extending courtship,

My Fantasy Online Courtship Went From Charming To Creepy Once We Met

We texted day and night over weeks about novels, single parenting, farming, and writing — proof positive of an extending courtship. But then we met! Read...
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The author and her husband.

I’m Not The Person My Husband Married

This is not the person my husband married. We're all a little crazy. We're all trying. Tomorrow we will not be the people we are today. Read...
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Previews for a showdown between Kenny & Lee marked a dark turn for Rachel's season of "The Bachelorette." (Image Credit: YouTube/Bachelor Nation on ABC)

Bachelorette Review: Weddings In Wisconsin & More Of Racist, "Alternative Facts" Lee

Due to racist Lee, the night continues to devolve into another series of stereotypes, as the non-Black bachelors in the house get into it with the Read...
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You and your partner need to connect over more than scheduling and chore lists. Here are some fun ways to stay in the romance zone. (Image Credit: Mariah Sharp aka @mightymooseart)

11 Ways To Connect With Your Partner When You’re Busy, Broke, Or Both

This week in Love Lessons, connecting with your partner over something more exciting than laundry. Read...
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Love Lessons
Slow and steady really does win the relationship race.

Why Jumping Into A Relationship Isn't A Good Idea

“Slow and steady wins the race.” It's a phrase I learned back when I was rocking pigtails and a Spice Girls sticker-book was my most prized Read...
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Me, My Parents, Fox News, And A Screaming Match — Being An Adult Is Complicated

Becoming an adult didn’t magically open me up to their world and their psyche as I thought it would. Even having children of my own did little to Read...
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