Weighing someone with witnesses isn’t just an evasion of privacy; it’s embarrassing.

I Don't Want Witnesses When I'm Weighed

I know there are far worse injustices happening in the world, but getting weighed in front of people smacks of fat-shaming, and feels incredibly Read...
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A world in which fatphobia suggests that fat women are undesirable, and then uses that as a defense of sexually assaulting fat women isn’t new.

#MeToo & Fat Women: Sexual Assault Is Not A "Favor" 

We live in a world which fatphobia suggests that fat women are undesirable. It's disturbing to have to say that sexual assault is not a favor. Read...
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We need to talk about how the APA is Fat-Shaming Kids!

APA To Release Guidelines For Fat-Shaming Kids For Profit

What happens when you suggest diet behavior to a kid who’s about to grow a foot? How do you affect their growth? How to you affect their health? This Read...
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Yeah, fat people exercise too. (Image Credit: Think Stock)

I'm Overweight And Get Fat-Shamed When I Exercise

I’m riding my bike around a local community center on a Sunday morning. The air is crisp and fresh - a rarity in Los Angeles - and I enjoy feeling Read...
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"Moreno's case still deserves our attention... because it really brings to light the fact that fat-shaming hurts people of all sizes." Image: today.com

Fat-Shaming Should Not Be An Olympic Sport

Alexa Moreno recently found herself the subject of a whole lot of fat-shaming on social media. Normally that would be no surprise since, sadly, there Read...
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The expectation of women in TV news to appear exactly as viewers want them to normalizes the commodification of a woman’s (ANY woman’s) appearance. Image: KTLA/screenshot.

Women Aren't Mannequins: Liberté Chan, KTLA, And The Sweater

Liberté Chan, a weather anchor at KTLA in Los Angeles, was handed a sweater by her male co-anchor and told to cover up on-air because of these types Read...
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Flowers make people happy. FLOWER, BITCHES.

Response #7431 To The "Dear Fat People" Lady

I was pretty firm in my conviction over the weekend that I wouldn’t even address this Meanie Pants, but then another person emailed me, and another Read...
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