Sex Workers Want Rights—Not Rescue

I ask to be allowed to do my job in safety and to be treated with dignity and respect. Read...
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For Me, Sex Work Has Been My Path To The American Dream

Sex work is a way for me provide for my family, own my own business, and make my way toward long-term financial stability. Read...
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Sex Work Simply Is

Arbitrary moral standards aside, I think sex work is best understood as a labor issue. Read...
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I Represent Sex Workers Because Sex Work Is Work And Sex Workers Are People

The myth of the common "Sex Worker Experience" is silly and inauthentic. Read...
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Of Merkins And Victorian Prostitution: A Strange And Sordid History Lesson

It turns out that sores and other visible symptoms of STDs were not only unhealthy, but also bad for business. That’s where the merkin came to the Read...
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What Happened When Rhode Island Accidentally Decriminalized Prostitution

A new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research discovered that rape and gonorrhea rates dramatically dropped. What gives? Read...
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"Pimp Shaming": The Controversial New Strategy to Fight Sex Trafficking

We're all for shaming pimps, but is shame an effective way to combat crime? Read...
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Military Malevolence: Sexual Assault Prevention Officer Charged with Heading Up Prostitution Ring

Sergeant Gregory McQueen is facing a court-martial for 21 criminal charges. Read...
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