Words mean things, and these words from a Nazi cop harken back to a time of atrocious action.

The "Nazi" Cop Is From My Town, And It's A Problem

How are we supposed to feel safe from neo-Nazis if those protecting us align with them? We can easily do better than this, when dealing with this Read...
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Of Course Hot Irma Cop Is A Bigot. Of Course.

Yes, just like “not all men,” not all cops are racist or bigoted. But this guy’s Facebook posts would absolutely suggest otherwise Read...
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I for one will be adding an extra two apples to my shopping this week.

Genius Teacher Uses Apples To Explain Why Bullying Sucks

One Tamworth teacher is riding the mind blowing wave of ‘going viral’ after a post she shared on her Facebook page has over 140,000 shares, all Read...
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Social media accounts and news outlets foam at the mouth to fill themselves with cell phone videos of such prom-posals, even though these do the polar opposite of normalizing disability.

4 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Sharing Inspiration Porn On Social Media

However, these seemingly innocuous stories are, in a very subtle way, reducing the subjects to their base level, judging them solely on their Read...
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Inside My Whirlwind Life As A High-Profile "Fat" Woman

I did The Today Show, and after that spent 45 minutes talking to Inside Edition. If you're confused, imagine how I felt. Read...
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Oh, don't mind me, looking fierce in a lab coat and all. Credit: Thinkstock

5 New Must-Read Poetry Collections By Women

Because we all need more poetry in our lives. Read...
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Watch Kim Jong Un Dance Like a Maniac

This Chinese viral sensation features a Kim Jong Un shaking it like he just axed another political rival. North Korea is none too pleased. Read...
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