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Cleaning Up After Your Husband Is Not A "Blessing"

Last week, the internet went into an understandable uproar when a Christian woman decided to take to Facebook to talk about how she is Read...
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I’m A Rape Survivor; This Is How My Husband & I Handle Intimacy

Assault does not disappear because the new identities of “spouse” or “mother” accumulate in your wake. This is how my husband and I handle intimacy. Read...
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I thought I was marrying my high school sweetheart, but I was actually becoming my husband's mother.

I Was My Husband's Mother For 21 Years

I was married to my own child for 21 years. I thought I was marrying my high school sweetheart, but I was actually becoming my husband's mother. Read...
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My One-Sided Competition With My Husband’s Ex-Wife

In the beginning, she was like an infuriating specter I had to deal with. She wanted to stay friends with him. I put a kibosh on that. Read...
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Sex that isn't consensual is not consensual, whether your married or not.

Is It Sexual Assault If You're Married?

It never felt like sexual assault, him taking the sex I didn’t offer. It felt more like a silent agreement. I surrendered to sex; he didn’t complain. Read...
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"You should go to Target alone." BYE.

11 Of The Best Things My Husband Has Ever Said To Me

The best things my husband has ever said to me are the things I don’t expect at all. I love you is good, but “go to Target alone”? That’s true love! Read...
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He does not deserve praise for loving me despite my fat.

My Husband Does Not Get An Award For Loving Me Despite My Fat

If your partner does not love you because you are fat, that has nothing to do with your fat and everything to do with them being an ass. Read...
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Julianne Hough Just Got Married And The Way Her Husband Looks At Her Is #RelationshipGoals

Julianne Hough and hockey player Brooks Laich just got married and the pictures and video will make you cry and scream #RELATIONSHIPGOALS! Read...
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