All of the Yoni Focus really brings the Yoni in focus.

Viva La Vagina Week 2: My Husband's Noble Quest To Give Me A G-Spot Orgasm

I invited my husband to give me a g-spot orgasm. Let’s just say, he found it. I never asked him to even look before taking this class. Read...
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7 Habits That Make Someone Good In Bed

You don’t even have to be a good person to be incredible at sex, apparently (my ex proves this). Read...
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"Having a partner does offer a certain amount of comfort and validation, but doing the intense external work around body acceptance has been less pressing for me in that context." Image: Thinkstock

Is It Easier To Be Fat And Proud When You're In A Relationship?

In 2007, Kate Harding wrote, "I’ve noticed that a lot of the people I see writing confidently and persuasively about body acceptance are married or Read...
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Unlike my childhood, near-daily exposure to fatphobia is not safely in my rearview mirror. That makes healing all the harder. Image: author.

Take The Cake: Fatphobia Gave Me PTSD

I think a lot of us are probably walking around with mild PTSD, anxiously calculating risk and making plans about what and who to avoid.... Even Read...
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I’m growing a tiny human inside me. Our tiny human. Image: Thinkstock.

I'm Pregnant And Suck At Being A Wife Right Now

Dear Husband, You are putting up with an awful lot in being with me right now, and rightfully so — I’m growing a tiny human inside me. Our tiny human Read...
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Marriage just isn't my thing

I Don't Want To Get Married, But I DO Want A Life Partner

When I hit college and had my first university beau, I was very interested in marriage. I'd even say I was desperate to get engaged and marry my Read...
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Awwwww ...

Your "Perfect Partner" Isn't Supposed To Be Perfect 

Is divorce the answer? Maybe. Sometimes. Read...
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The Problem With The "Largest Study To Date" On Infidelity

Reportedly, women and men have different views on sexual vs. emotional affairs. Let the dubious evolutionary theorizing begin. Read...
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