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Take the Cake: How To Kill The Dream Of Being Thin

It took me a long time to bury the dream of being thin. For some people it doesn’t take much to let go, and for others it’s a slow series of Read...
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Take The Cake: A Fat Feminist Watches 'I Feel Pretty'

That’s the thing about I Feel Pretty, the narrative only makes sense when you consider how limited the onscreen life of everyone but white dudes gets Read...
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There was a part of me that I wanted them to know that while I was fat, I wasn’t that fat.

Face To Face With My Own Fatphobia 

Now I know that just because I’m fat doesn’t mean that I don’t have moments of fatphobia. My own fatphobia has taught me a lot. Read...
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I Feel Pretty, Not Delusional  

Amy Schumer, of I Feel Pretty, keeps trying to sell us this narrative that she is fat (and ugly, which she seems to think mistakenly are the same Read...
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Take The Cake: Weight Gain Is Normal When You Become BoPo

Weight gain is — in my anecdotal experience — quite common once you stop attempting to control your weight. My story is not everyone’s story. Read...
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Take The Cake: “Polite” Fatphobia Is Actually More Damaging   

So as you can see, “polite” bigotry is just bigotry. It's manipulative. It's aggressive. And it hurts people. Speak up against polite fatphobia! Read...
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Before you even think about weight-loss, or doing something like the keto diet, you need to figure out how to live in your current body.

The Keto Diet (And Other “Fads”) And 6 Reasons You Should Avoid Them

When it comes to the Keto diet and other fads, you might lose weight, even a lot of weight, but the chances it will come back are far greater than Read...
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STUDY: 52% of Cheaters Say Spouse Not Fit.

52% Of Cheaters Say Their Spouse Isn't Physically Fit, 100% Of People Cheated On Say That's Stupid

Today, the email headline was “STUDY: 52% of Cheaters Say Spouse Not Fit.” If you’re a cheater it's NOT because your partner is unfit. Read...
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