When you’re used to being listened to, you start to think it’s because you’ve done something to deserve it. Image: Thinkstock.

You Aren't Always Entitled To Be Heard, Actually

I barely had a chance to say “What’s taking him so long?” before he stepped up to the counter to ask me what he could help me with. Me. Not my friend Read...
Natalie Slaughter of SHESAID    |   05.5.16   |   SHARE
When men and boys watch the sports media fat-shame professional athletes, how must that make them feel about their own bodies? Image: Keith Allison

Fat Shaming Has No Place On The Baseball Field

Boston.com recently published an incredibly offensive hit-piece mocking Sandoval and making fat jokes, complete with accompanying photos that showed Read...
Britni de la Cretaz    |   04.22.16   |   SHARE
Full-fat dairy MAY be “healthier” for you than low-fat dairy. “May” be, as in, probably is, like with numbers and science and stuff. Image: Thinkstock.

Skim Milk Might Kill You

Full-fat dairy may be “healthier” for you than low-fat dairy. “May” be, as in, probably is, like with numbers and science and stuff. Read...
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When I realized I wanted to take on fat shaming and diet culture, my intuitive response was to start with me.

Take The Cake: Is Empowerment, Like, Victim Blaming's Cousin?

As I’ve begun to teach other people about how to break up with diet culture, I offer everything in my personal artillery. And I’m proud of that. I Read...
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At first — I’m slightly embarrassed to admit — I mourned this loss.

I'm Middle-Aged, A Woman, And Invisible

Firmly middle-aged due to my 47 years, I’m fat and everything about me pretty much screams “Mom.” This means I no longer get sexually harassed. The Read...
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Nowadays, if I eat more than two slices of pizza in front of anyone other than my wife, things get weird.

It's Only Cute When Skinny Girls Eat Pizza

Thin women can overeat, and it is seen as a quirk, or a one-time indulgence they deserve, or even proof that they aren’t anorexic. Fat women though? Read...
David Minerva Clover    |   03.9.16   |   SHARE

I Asked 60 Kinesiology Students To Define Health. Here's What Happened.

Health is the banner we have raised in defense of weight loss surgery, The Biggest Loser, putting children on diets, shaming our friends and family Read...
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Let them eat.

Stop Fat-Shaming My Toddler

I say this: Stop fat-shaming my toddler son. Fat will not make him fat. Fat does not make him unhealthy. Read...
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