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My Road To Recovery From Fitness Modeling

Recovering from any disordered eating struggle will bring situations of discomfort, but you can also find beauty. This is my recovery from fitness Read...
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Be intentional with your Christmas time. (Image Credit: Instagram/Virgie Tovar)

Take the Cake: Sometimes Christmas Feels Like Dieting

On Sunday night, I went on a Christmas tree hunting expedition. The group consisted of: me, BFF Kori, our adoptive son Brad, and his new girlfriend Read...
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Beyond Before & After Week 23: Thanksgiving Edition AKA How To Maintain Your Sanity

I started this column about five times over the weekend. It’s now Monday, 8 AM, and I’m starting it for a sixth time. I have five partially finished Read...
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Your child's body is not a "problem" (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

On The Subject Of Childhood Dieting

Though it's worth noting that my weight was beginning to become a health concern, I’d never considered my body a “problem” until I heard how doctors Read...
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"I’ve learned how to give myself just a little tiny bit more space. I’m not living in a minute-to-minute, food-inspired soap opera in my own head, and each step away from that has given me just enough perspective to start to heal."

I Wasn't Addicted To Food. I Was Addicted to Dieting.

I don’t drink much, and embarrassingly I don’t even know how to smoke, but I do have a tendency to use experiences the way addicts use substances, Read...
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Image Credit: Virgie Tovar (Instagram: @virgietovar)

Take The Cake: How Did Body Positive Dieting Become A Thing? 

A couple of weeks ago I got an email that contained a question I never thought I’d be asked. The email was from Bustle’s Marie Southard Read...
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Why Is It So Hard To Imagine Our Lives After Dieting?

Dieting isn’t just a practice; it’s a way of life. What do we do when we don’t have any more calories to count and we have to deal with the wide-open Read...
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“You’re not going to gain it ALL back, are you?” Image: Thinkstock.

10 Unhelpful Things People Said To Me When I Regained Lost Weight

“Wow, what happened?” (as eyes glance at my stomach area) What do you mean, “What happened?” When asked this, I sometimes wonder if little Read...
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