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My body, this larger body of mine, has been there through everything.

How I Came To Love My Fat, Beautiful Body

Beauty and body fat percentage are not mutually exclusive. Read...
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"The body positive movement strives to put forth one idea: that all body types are valid, regardless of their shape, size, or disability." Image: Thinkstock

Your Body Positivity Needs To Include More Than Just You.

It’s pretty easy to see why people would want to rebel against [our current standard of beauty] — it’s unattainable, and even for those who manage to Read...
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As with road trips, you may run into detours, potholes, and traffic; sometimes you just need to take a break to refuel. Image: Thinkstock.

Am I There Yet?: The Ongoing Journey To Body Acceptance

Have you ever been on a seemingly endless road trip and asked yourself: "Am I there yet?" ...only to realize that your GPS says you have about eight Read...
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I just want to tell you I love you. Image: Thinkstock.

A Lifelong Love Letter To My Ever-Protruding Belly

You’ve been with me since birth, Belly. Back then, everyone thought you were the cutest thing ever. Now, I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure my Read...
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Stand with us. Period.

Black Women Still Have Lips — And An Army

Remember how I told you about the nasty little trolligans (trolls + hooligans = trolligans) that felt the need to show their racist behinds in Read...
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With glowing faces, damp with perspiration, we discussed our orgasms. Everyone was satiated, physically and spiritually.

Deep Inside A Bodysex Workshop With Betty Dodson

How many times did I climax that afternoon? Somewhere between eight and infinity. Read...
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7 Of The Best Body Positive Books To Take Into 2016 #ditchthediet2016

I’m offering you my must-have list of body books to take with you on the journey. Read...
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