You can't fake that kind of shock.

Watch: Men Try On Women's Thongs, Hilarity Ensues

Did you ever stop to think about how impractical thongs are? Read...
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Contrary to the Hype, For Love and Lemons Offers More than Underwear as Clothing

The brand's signature underwear-as-outerwear is just the beginning. Read...
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Britney Spears Launches New Lingerie Line, But We've Got Way Better Merch Up Our Sleeve

Britney's lingerie line, The Intimate Collection, is ho hum. Instead, check out our Work Bitch collection. It's genius and has huge profit potential. Read...
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Uh Oh! Are We Sex-Obsessed to the Point of Social Ignorance?

There's a haunting video trending on the waves of le Internet right now. What's shocking is not the short film itself, but the reality behind it. Read...
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Nickelodeon, Please Stop Freaking Out About Jennette McCurdy Photographs

Lingerie-clad photos of Nickelodeon actress Jennette McCurdy have people up in arms and the show on the fritz. This dangerous, puritanical attitude Read...
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Kenyan Church Demands Panty-less Congregation (We're Hopin' It's Not a Sex Cult)

Last time we checked, when you head off to church, it's usually best to be more covered. Usually. Read...
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Russian Undie Ban Update: Is Economic Woe Just Around the Corner?

In America, “Panties for the President” would probably have more to do with boundaryl-ess females (and a bevy of boys) Read...
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