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Judging on appearance - even of Trump & his team - is aiding and abetting the enemy. (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Stop Body Shaming The Trump Regime

Donald Trump was recently told of a state senator who is in favor of civil asset forfeiture reform — a concept, it turns out, that is one of many Read...
Ragen Chastain    |   03.3.17   |   SHARE
The Body Positive Movement is a movement that’s about autonomy.

We Need To Stop Policing Body Positivity

I feel equipped to talk about the intricacies of the body positivity movement; for with all its beauty and empowerment, there are aspects of body Read...
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Love it or loathe it?

Beauty And Body Acceptance: Living At The Intersection Of Vanity And Self-Love

Where does my love for my body stop and my vanity pick up? If I’d spend $126 in a futile attempt to “resolve” the rosacea I didn’t even know I had, Read...
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Do elephants need Botox?

Ask A Feminist: Can I Be A Feminist If I Use Botox?

. . . dabbling in botulinum toxin is not an anti-feminist act. However . . . and this is a big however . . . it is a symptom of a system that values Read...
Rebekah Kuschmider    |   08.25.15   |   SHARE

I've Had Two Cosmetic Surgery Procedures—And My Relationship With Them Is Complicated 

When I lost sensitivity in my breasts and my husband didn’t show excitement about the augmentation, I got a little insecure. Read...
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I'm Happy With My Plastic Surgery—But Not Happy Because Of It

My decision to fix my nose was mine alone. I didn’t feel peer pressure or that I would look awful for the rest of my life without getting it fixed. Read...
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Technological Innovation Has Changed The Cosmetic Surgery Game

Along with technological advances in the field, the last decades have brought about a major shift in attitudes toward plastic surgery. Read...
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Why I'm Worried About Cosmetic Surgery's Rising Popularity

No doubt there are times when cosmetic surgery provides life-changing experiences. But I oppose surgery that promotes homogenized beauty. Read...
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