Breast Cancer

I needed to know so much more about how breast cancer would affect me. Here are ten things I wish I’d known then.

10 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

I needed to know so much more about how breast cancer would affect me. Here are ten things I wish I’d known then. My life didn’t end. Read...
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My skin is healing. My breast is healing. My heart is healing.

Healing The Heart Through Radiotherapy For Breast Cancer 

I was calm when the doctor told me I had breast cancer. I remember thinking that I could cope with anything — strength was in me, somehow. Read...
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Breast Cancer Detection: Feel Yourself Up On The Regular

It’s October, and everything is about to go pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. That means we all get our annual reminder to be aware of our own Read...
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My mammogram’s fine. I’m fine. Until next year. But four years and counting, I’ll take the fear, I’ll take the dread, just so I’m still around to feel it again next year.

How I Survive The Worst Day Of The Year (Every Year)

As a breast cancer survivor, the worst day of the year is when I go for my mammogram. True, nobody actually likes mammos, but I’ve been bitten by one Read...
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The thought that a complete stranger would crochet something to make me feel beautiful — whole, like a woman again — moved me to tears.

A Stranger Knit Me A New Boob

It sounded too good to be true: comfortable, attractive bra inserts for breast cancer survivors like me. I got on the computer, checked out their Read...
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Since my battle with breast cancer in the spring of 2013, my life changed forever.

Compassion Is Complicated After Cancer

Upset you lost your keys? Try losing your breast. Pissed off about missing that train? Try missing your son’s 8th grade graduation because of a Read...
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beautiful photo by Staci Sheets, beautiful body by Tara Baker

Faced With A Preventative Mastectomy, This Woman Celebrates Her Body With An Incredible Photo Shoot

I admit, I am partial. Not only do I know the woman in these photos, Tara, I also know Staci, the woman who took these photos.  I've known Staci Read...
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Those living with terminal cancer need support too (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

Moving Beyond The Pink Ribbons

In order to connect with other men and women living with a terminal diagnosis, LoRe founded Hope and Friendship Metastatic Breast Cancer Foundation, Read...
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