Before and After

This is my life with an eating disorder. This is my before and after.

The Other Before and After: Life With An Eating Disorder 

I’ve never been a fan of eating disorder recovery Before-and-After photos. I don’t find it healthy or helpful to compare and appraise the shapes and Read...
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Jennifer Smith via Instagram

Crossfit: Before & After? Good Camera Angles? Or Are Some People Just Fit AF?

Both very fat, and very fit, people can have a food baby. Read...
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Happy Birthday Beyond Before & After! (image credit: Mariah Aro Sharp)

Suffering Is Not Success: What I’ve Learned In A Year Of Self-Care

A bipolar, body-positive bread enthusiast with a fucked-up pretty much healed ankle and a history of disordered eating chronicles health, weight- Read...
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Beyond Before & After
image credit: Mariah Aro Sharp @mightymooseart

I'm Not Pregnant, But I Look Like I Am 

I look pregnant. This body has made six humans. This belly has been inflated and collapsed and inflated and collapsed, and so on. What should it Read...
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Beyond Before & After
Weight Watchers Black

Weight Watchers Is Back With New Nonsense

Let’s be honest for a minute, sex is pretty damn fantastic. But if you’ve ever felt self-conscious in the sack you’re not alone – we’ve heard that Read...
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I'm sorry that I've allowed you to become an example.

An Apology To Myself At 500 Pounds

Dear 16-Year-Old, 500 Pound Matt, I’m writing to you today because I feel it's overdue. For years now, I've talked about you to others as though I Read...
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