Jennifer Herbstritt (sister) and Jeremy Herbstritt on their aunt's front porch. (Courtesy of the Herbstritt family)

What The Mother Of A School Shooting Victim Taught Me About Parenthood

While planning to have a child of my own, I often asked myself: What would it feel like to parent a child who later died unexpectedly in a school Read...
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(Photo courtesy of Sezin Koehler)

How #MarchForOurLives Leaves Out Gun Violence Survivors Like Me

Too many voices are being left out of this conversation. And from where I’m standing as a gun crime survivor, a march isn’t even close to a solution. Read...
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We are now stuck in a deadly pattern. And for what? For our Second Amendment rights?

Your Second Amendment Defense Means Nothing; 17 More Children Are Dead

The main push of the Second Amendment was to allow peoples who may be oppressed by those in power to defend themselves against such marginalization. Read...
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What will we say to our children about guns? I can’t stand to tell my daughter that the way we live now is the only way.

I Know How I’m Going To Talk To My Daughter About Sex, But Not About Guns

She will deal with the repercussions of other people’s dysfunctional relationship with guns, whether she chooses to or not. Read...
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Gun violence is a problem. Here are a few ways to become part of the solution.

Gun Violence Awareness Day: America's Gun Violence Problem Demands A Better Answer

It's Gun Violence Awareness Day, and it's time for everyone to take action on this critical issue. Here are just a few ways to work towards Read...
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Parents need to take extra precautions to make sure kids are safe if guns are in the house.

Talking With Kids About Gun Safety Can Save Lives

You should teach your kids what to do if they encounter a gun, but we as adults should do what we can to prevent that from happening in the first Read...
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All police officers, no matter how well intentioned, live in — and are affected by — a society rife with racism and ableism. Image: Utility_inc/Pixabay.

Yes, Being A Cop Is A Tough Job. No, That Doesn't Excuse Incompetence.

It is a very difficult and dangerous job, and it does require officers to have the ability to make good split second decisions. None of that Read...
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'MURRCA!! Image:

24 Ways To Be SUPEREXTRA Patriotic This 4th Of July

“Make America Great Again” with Trump bumper stickers. All over your car. And your neighbor’s car. “America” means cis, hetero, white/orange men in Read...
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