Our rundown of all the major players in the Trump-Russia-Comey scandal. In short: It's a bad day for Trump, but a really great day for democracy in America. (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

The Trump Impeachment Playlist: Things Are Not Looking Good For The Don

We've got Trump, Vladimir, Comey, and all the other players lined up for you. Here are the facts, followed by our IRL translation, to make sure you Read...
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Trump fired James Comey, supposedly for him being too public in denouncing Clinton. Riiiiiiight. (Image Credit: Flickr/Rich Girard)

Why Did Trump Fire James Comey? It Starts With 'R' & Ends With -Ussia

Trump has been increasingly infuriated over the Russia investigation overseen by Comey and his agency. He even screams at the TV when he sees Read...
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Television can actually save your life. Image: Thinkstock.

Netflix Marathons Can Save Your Life: Specific Shows To Watch For Specific Horrible Life Events

Sometimes I imagine what life would be like if I had lived back before glasses and contacts were invented and I couldn’t see anything and just had to Read...
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Who Was America’s Most Womanizing President?

And the winner is . . . Warren G. Harding! This little-known Commander-in-Chief got it on to no end in his political career. Read...
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Gifts For The Budding Black Feminist In Your Life

From books to music, here are a few of the presents I’d have loved to receive as a young black feminist. Read...
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The Duggar Family, LGBT Hate And Patriarchal Abuse 

Jim Bob has attacked a petition to cancel 19 Kids & Counting over hateful LGBT statements. Those statements are just the beginning. Read...
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House Of Cards: Removing The Stigmas Surrounding Being A Gay Politician?

Is Frank Underwood's eclectic sex life helping to create a culture where all sexualities are accepted in politics? Read...
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The Lurid Backstory Of Robert Louis Stevenson's Jekyll And Hyde 

Today marks the birthday of a literary great. But did you know the first draft of his most notable work was initially burned . . . by his wife? Read...
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