It’s beautiful. It’s part of you. Viva La Vagina!

Viva La Vagina: I Named My Vagina Helen

Is your relationship with your vagina complicated by past trauma or unmet expectations? (yep.) It might be time for a course called Viva la Vagina! Read...
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The Super Sexy Reason I Started Getting High At 30

I attempt not getting high first, but it never works. And it doesn’t need to. I’ve found a workaround to my anxiety and orgasm-reach. Thanks, pot. Read...
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There are benefits marijuana has on your sex drive — from more intense orgasms to prolonged sex drive.

The Surprising Benefits Marijuana Has On Your Sex Drive 

There are benefits marijuana has on your sex drive — from more intense orgasms to prolonged sex drive. We're going to cover it all within this Read...
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The question of whether waking up to being auto-vibed would motivate anyone to do anything other than keep lying there and enjoying the moment is an open question.

The 'Little Rooster' Makes Waking Up A Super Good Morning Delight

There is a product on the market called The Little Rooster that you tuck into your undies at night, and in the morning, it starts vibrating on your Read...
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Bring the vibes. Image: Thinkstock

Ladies, Does Your Guy Feel Emasculated By Your Vibrator?

Vaginal orgasms are real. But if you want to climax quick? Someone needs to be stimulating the clit with something — usually fingers or a vibrator. Read...
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This miracle outcome is not based in fantasy, but in science. Image: mvorocha/Pixabay.

I'm A Doula, And Let Me Tell You, Orgasms During Childbirth Are A Real Thing

My initial reaction when I first heard about women who reported orgasms during birth was that they were lying braggarts — mainly because I was Read...
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I had to do something — my vagina was threatening to go on strike. Image: Thinkstock.

Hallelujah: The Telling Of Orgasms Faked

He put in seven minutes. SEVEN MINUTES! It takes more time to boil water, but this dude was thinking he was the man! I thought to myself, This has Read...
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Is it all my fault?

I’m 40 And I’ve Never Had An Orgasm During Sex

That’s part of the problem, I think. I keep waiting for my sexual partners to figure out how to bring me to orgasm. Read...
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