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Women In STEM Begins With Girls In STEM: 7 Ways To Support A Generation Of Young Women

Tackling the education system at its foundation can feel futile; here's how to foster progress and why it's important to society at large. Read...
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Image: True math aficionados know this is actually a quinoa burger recipe. Courtesy of Flickr o5com

Meet 5 Vegetarians Who Stopped Eating Meat Long Before It Was De Rigeur

And here you thought it was just Pamela Anderson . . . Read...
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TGIF! Austin Brewery Sells 99-Packs Of Beer

Take one down, pass it around . . . Read...
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A Woman Just Won Math’s Highest Prize for the First Time

Told as a child that she wasn’t talented at math, Maryam Mirzakhani just made history. Read...
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"Beauty" Has Tangible Economic Benefits (Watch, Weep, Learn)

Posessing certain ratios of physical symmetry allow for some people to actively reap monetary benefits in the workforce. (Oh, and college degrees.) Read...
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Nerd Alert! Math Puzzle Video is Perfect for the Geeks Amoung Us

There are few things in this world that make us happier than nerdy puzzles and people getting stumped and excited by them. The trending video below, Read...
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