What’s in a name? I don’t really know. Sometimes nothing. Sometimes everything. Image: NBC.

David Sedaris Named The Baby I Miscarried

It wasn’t the name I would have picked — not originally, at least — but as days turned into weeks, it grew on me. Read...
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Image courtesy of Pumpkin the Raccoon. Thanks for the spoiler, Pumpkin. >:(

A Grown-A** Woman Reads Harry Potter: Everyone You Love Will Eventually Die

Forget a cute story of wizard wonderment — the real moral of Harry Potter is that life is an endless parade of pain and turmoil where you have to Read...
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"Grief can’t be curated."

In Defense Of Facebook Mourning

There’s something that happens on social media every time a celebrity dies. After the initial shock and questions of “is it a hoax?” have abated, Read...
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Just be there.

Ways You Can Help: The First Holiday After The Death Of A Loved One

If someone you care about is suffering through the pain of first holidays without someone they love, there are things you can do. Read...
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The author (right) and her sister. Image: Mamamia.

Why I Don't Want To "Get Over" My Grief

It’s said that one of the simplest and saddest stories is Ernest Hemingway’s “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” I thought about those six words as I Read...
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My Husband, My Rock: Flash Fiction

He died a violent death. I saw him myself, flopping between wooden blades, his head bent back strangely. Read...
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A Happy Death, Full Of Light And Color

It's possible to mourn and celebrate, to be with someone you can't see or feel, and to find some kind of joy even when you're mired in loss. Read...
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How Two Teenage Girls Escaped From The Nazis During WWII

Mindel and Maria were young teenagers when the horrors occurred—but they remembered the tiniest details with crystal-clear intensity. Read...
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