I was freaked out beyond belief.

I Was Cyber-Bullied. This Is How It Felt.

As a journalist and outspoken feminist, I always knew the risks of being online. I’ve read stories of extreme harassment and doxing, such as when a Read...
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No thanks, Facebook.

When Your Estranged Father Appears In 'People You May Know' On Facebook

My relationship with my father was never father-daughter picnics. Maybe when I was very little — or maybe this is less a memory and more of a wish — Read...
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Or some friends you get together with only to stare at your phones...

Friend Request Me!: Are Your Digital Friends Your Real Friends? 

According to a recent report from Oxford professor and researcher Robin Dunbar, Facebook users can only rely on a small group of their digital Read...
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"Grief can’t be curated."

In Defense Of Facebook Mourning

There’s something that happens on social media every time a celebrity dies. After the initial shock and questions of “is it a hoax?” have abated, Read...
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New Year. New Bras.

10 Ways To Own This Year! (Spoiler Alert: Buy New Underwear)

4. Bring sexy back — Your underwear drawer is starting to resemble your gran's. What happened to the sexy lingerie you used to enjoy buying (a long Read...
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I Named My Rapist On Facebook. I Wasn’t Prepared For What Happened Next.

I’m working on an essay about the time I was raped my freshman year of college. For the very first time, I’m naming my perpetrator. Even if it’s only Read...
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Don't swipe right too many times...you'll be sorry.

What I've Learned About Modern Dating: Facebook, Tinder, And Real Life

I am a heterosexual woman looking for a relationship with someone I am attracted to, has a sense of humor, and isn’t a serial killer or too Read...
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Sex + Love
Not that weird, folks.

Calling All Dads: Facebook Sets The Tone For Paternity Leave

Facebook is just one of a number of Silicon Valley firms offering paid leave to workers — whether that’s maternity or paternity. Read...
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