“People are still dying, still being killed, don’t tell us to sit down and not continue to go out into the streets.”

'We Want Safety, Dignity and Justice': Black Lives Matter Protests Build Nationwide

The fact that police killings are calculated by media organizations at all is a victory of the sustained protests of the Black Lives Matter movement Read...
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I was just a naïve kid who didn't understand what was happening.

I Was Sexually Abused By A Teacher — And I'm Still Paying For It. Literally.

I feel I got the short end of the stick because of emotional and financial costs I am still paying for what he did — the grooming, the mind games, Read...
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This is actually fairly tame.

9 Reasons Why Kids’ Birthday Parties Are The Worst

Remember when a birthday party meant balloons and a homemade cake in the backyard? Forget it. Book The face painter, the reptile wrangler, the Disney Read...
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Reeva's Family Is Happy With Oscar Pistorius' Ruling, But Should Society Be?

Whether or not we believe justice was truly served, can we take solace with the knowledge that the sentencing was sufficient for the Steenkamp family? Read...
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Michael Worthington Was Executed by Lethal Injection, Reminds Us America Sanctions Murder in 2014

Should we care that monstrous men suffer painful deaths, given all the unthinkable suffering they've caused their victims? Yes. Here's why. Read...
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Justice Ginsburg Embraces Title of "Notorious RBG"

Ruthie, Ruthie, Ruthie, can't you see? Sometimes your words just hypnotize me. Read...
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Supreme Court Finds Cell Phone Searches Without Warrant Unconstitutional

Stepping into the 21st century and preserving our privacy rights in the digital era? All in a day's work for the Supreme Court. Read...
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Posting Revenge Porn on Twitter? No Problem, Says Archaic Legal System

A ridiculous ruling about nude pics posted to Twitter highlights an important issue: As the Internet evolves at a rapid pace, laws have a lot of Read...
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