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Plus-Size Model And Badass, Natalie Hage, Shuts A Fat-Shamer DOWN

I can't make you stop texting, but I CAN call you out. Read...
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Travel is a privilege. Image: Thinkstock.

4 Reasons I Sent My Toddler Across The Country — Without Me

Growing up, travel was a luxury that was simply out of reach, so I know firsthand that travel is a privilege that not everyone can enjoy. Read...
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I think we're gonna need the expansion pack. (Credit: ThinkStock)

Ugandan Men Claim Penises Are Too Big For Condoms

Could ill-fitting condoms in Uganda be contributing to HIV? Read...
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Flying First Class with Ebola: How the U.S. is Avoiding an Infectious Outbreak of Biblical Proportions

How is the U.S. transporting American Ebola victims back to the U.S. without spreading the infection? Read...
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MH17 Was Filled With Corpses—And Other Bizarre Theories Invented by the Russian Media

Determined to remove any culpability from the Kremlin or its rebel comrades-in-arms, the Russian media has concocted some real doozies. Read...
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Malaysian Crash Conjures "Accidental" Shoot-downs of the Past

With the latest Malaysian airlines disaster looking like a takedown by military forces, we remember the tragic history of these incidences. Read...
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High on History: The Insane Story of the 1983 Plane That Ran Out of Fuel—Mid-Flight

The surprise lesson from this wild story of panic and heroism at 33,000 feet? Be wary of the metric system. Read...
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Broadway Cast of Lion King Blows Everyone's Minds on Australian Flight

This is a theater kid's wet dream. For every person who's every stood on a cliff out and belted out those iconic first warblings, "Nants ingonyama Read...
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