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Soulmining Is The New Dating Trend You NEED To Know About

To all the boys who ghosted me, and those who were soulmining me the whole time. Read...

I Like My Husband... But I Love My Vibrator

Here I am, a happily married 35-year-old woman, sneaking around with a battery-operated boyfriend, but before you brand me the world’s worst wife, let me clarify. Read...
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Planning A Threesome Allowed Me To Take Control Of My Sexuality

When my husband planned an anniversary trip to Las Vegas, he was thinking about live music and long drives through the southwest. I thought of something else: a threesome with the two of us and hired help. Read...
How much sex you have has nothing to do with how sexually empowered you are.

My Most Sexually Empowering Choice? Not Having Sex

There’s nothing worse than taking a pregnancy test when you don’t want to be pregnant.

It’s especially bad when you don’t know who the father is.

Last year, this is the exact situation I found myself in: 23, single, not on contraception, and with a late period. I was nothing short of panicked.

After finding the least expensive test that CVS carried (by the way, can we talk about how expensive pregnancy tests are?!), I went home to find out my fate. After locking myself in the bathroom, I turned the shower on to drown out the noise of my thoughts. I waited five minutes and then peered at the stick, leaning as far away from the sink as possible in case it showed two lines.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw one clear line on the screen.

I quickly tossed the test in the trash, turned off the shower, and hopped in bed with a bottle of cabernet.

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I Had An Emotional Affair — And I’m Not Sorry

That’s the tricky thing about an emotional affair. There isn’t a thing or act which defines it. It is full of gray areas. Read...
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The Fear Of Dying Alone Kept Me In An Unhappy Marriage

“I don’t want to die alone,” I mutter to myself as I sweep the kitchen floor in my new home. These words represent my greatest fear.

It’s a Saturday morning, and I am alone. A loud silence rings in my home. It's a silence formed by my son, who is not here. There isn’t an iPad blaring with cartoons on Netflix or Hulu. The only noise is a broom raking across a linoleum floor. The sink is filled with pots and pans, remnants of a recent dinner. Alongside the casserole dishes and saucepans is a solitary plate. 

In my new home, I am alone half the time. 

The other half of my time is spent with my child. He isn’t responsible for my happiness. I want to watch him grow up, find independence, and learn to fly. I never want my fears to hold him back. 

He watched as his father and I finalized our divorce in December. He'd started splitting his time between two houses in July, when I moved in with my mother.

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Here’s What To Do When You’re FURIOUS With Your Partner

What do you do when you’re angry with your partner? Read...
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What I Learned When I Hired A Dating Coach

This article first appeared on SHE'SAID' and has been republished with permission.

I never thought I’d be the kind of person who’d ever admit they needed help. But I’d had my heart smashed into pieces, and my bad dating choices were making me depressed. For instance, I was dating this one guy, and, let’s just say, there were four other women who could have said the same thing about him.