Jenni Berrett

Jenni Berrett


Jenni Berrett is a 19 year old writer and dog walker living in the Central Valley of California. She is a big fan of all things literary, feminist, and featuring Amy Poehler. She has a knack for rap lyrics and a strange obsession with Werner Herzog documentaries (they are boring and exciting AT THE SAME TIME). You can find her on Twitter @jenni__bee.

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Wil Wheaton Talks Mental Illness For Project UROK

“You are not the only person in the world who has anxiety. You are not the only person in the world who has depression. You’re not the only person in the world who has thoughts of self-harm. There are people who want to help you. There are people who have spent their entire lives helping people like you and me and all of the people that you’re seeing in this video. And you’re not alone. You are okay.”

Politics is rational AND emotional. Accept it. (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Yourself This Election

If you find yourself feeling hurt, mad, sad, etc. about the election this year, go ahead and feel it. Cry in front of your dad. Eat some queso. When it’s all said and done, feel how you need to feel. The only way to foster a healthy relationship between emotion and politics is to acknowledge that there is one in the first place, and that it probably needs fixing.

Paradise? Not for you.

No Paradise For The Gay Folks (AKA Basic Jehovah's Witness Theology)

Part of me wants to write this off as innocuous and carry on with my day, because homophobia is already everywhere and there are better things for me to dedicate my words to — but then I remember 10-year old me.


3 Tips For Eating Well When You're Really F*cking Depressed

In the midst of struggling with being depressed, you’re also saddled with the practical realities of staying alive. It’s no easy feat.

I felt so much nothing that it was an emotion unto itself: the feeling of having no feelings.

Sometimes It's Hard To Feel Things Again: Adjusting To Life After Depression

[CN: vomit] Having been an unfeeling, sluggish husk of a person with the nap-taking skills of an elderly sloth for the past five months or so, I have reemerged too tender for this world.


The Messiness Of Mormonism

Culturally speaking, though, it’s pretty much set in stone. Even if I left the church entirely, there’s no getting out of my heritage. Cut me open; I’ll bleed funeral potatoes. I’m what you call a “legacy Mormon” — my ancestors migrated across the frontier and settled in Utah (then Mexico) after facing unspeakable persecution from countless communities in the United States. You probably know my ancestors best as the people with the wives.

Read/Watch/Listen To This!

Read/Watch/Listen To This: Laughing Arctic Fox Edition

The premise is pretty simple: We each give you one thing to watch, one thing to listen to, and one thing to read over the weekend.

If you’re hoping to comfort someone who’s grieving, here are a couple of things you shouldn’t do.

My Dad Died — Here Are 3 Things You SHOULDN'T Do To Help Me

My dad died. I only know my own grief, and even that is debatable. If you’re hoping to comfort someone who’s grieving, here are a couple of things to know.


All Bodies Are Good Bodies. Except For Mine.

At some point intellect has to make room for something bigger, for something scarier than just about anything. In order to truly learn something, you have to be vulnerable. You have to walk in and set your broken parts on the table and say, “Here, fix it. Or at least be broken with me.”

From Broad City, 2.8

Hey, Ladies: Pop Culture Lessons On Masturbation

“Girls don’t masturbate, right? I don’t masturbate. Do you masturbate? Can girls masturbate? I don’t think they can — I’m pretty sure my mom doesn’t.”