Joni Edelman

Joni Edelman


Joni Edelman is a 40 year-old mother of five (ages 3 to19!), wife, RN, and freelance writer. Also notable, had a baby in her kitchen. Favorite activities include: gardening, hoarding yarn, cake (baking and eating). Less favorite activities include: laundry, laundry, laundry. Joni has appeared on The Today Show, Inside Edition, The Rachael Ray Show, Weekend Sunrise Australia, Canada AM, and Sirius Radio. In print you can find Joni's story in The Daily Mail, The Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, Yahoo, and a host of others, but you're probably bored of all this nonsense by now. Completely understandable. Joni aspires to inspire. You can check out her personal website here.

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They are enough — even if they don't get the perfect attendance award, especially if they don't get the perfect attendance award.

The “Perfect Attendance” Award: Are We Promoting Suffer-Culture?

Suffering is America’s favorite thing to do. We starve ourselves to lose weight, and we’re a success story. We don’t sleep, and we’re just getting SO MUCH DONE. We do a thousand things a day and involve our kids in a thousand activities, because somehow, in some perverted way, that makes us successful.

Screw beauty standards.

#RavsReaders: Chrystal — Mom, Teacher, Lover Of Donuts 

As a celebration of the Ravishly community, we welcome you to #RavsReaders, a weekly feature where we'll spotlight one of our beloved readers.


Substantia Jones: Founder, Adipositivity Project

Body politics activist. Photographer. Chronic quoter of Monty Python. Unapologetic fat chick.

yeah, pretty much this position

7 Things You'd Better Know About A DIY Brazilian Wax

If you're brave enough to take the DIY Brazilian plunge, these tips are a must-read. As in, tip #6: It hurts, but not more than having a baby. Good to know.


Virgie Tovar: Body Positive Activist, Donut Enthusiast

"She has created an important space on the internet and in the real world, a space that women and girls are free to take up however they please."

Eating pineapple all the time = being tired of pineapple.

14 F#cked Up Diets I Cannot Believe I Tried

The Cabbage Soup Diet, aka The "Torture” Diet. You just put cabbage in water and cook it. And you eat it. All day. It is not good. You will still be hungry, and farting — very smelly, paint-peeling farting.

Image: author

Would Homeschooling Be Better For My Special-Needs Child?

The argument against homeschooling is always the same: “Kids need to socialize.”

The Spirited Child

All Grown Up: What Becomes Of The Spirited Child?

I don’t think anyone who has been to the spirited child parenting rodeo would call a mother who screams, “bad,” or who loses her temper, a “failure.” I think we all understand parenting is really really hard from the get go, and parenting a kid who won’t sleep, who screams and kicks and says they hate you, is its own challenge