Rebekah Kuschmider

Rebekah Kuschmider


Rebekah Kuschmider is a DC area writer with a background in non-profit management and advocacy. Her work has been seen at Babble, Scary Mommy, Huffington Post, The Mid, Redbook online, and The Broad Side. She is the creator of the blog Stay at Home Pundit and is a contributor to the upcoming book Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox (an anthology, SheWrites Press, Nov. 2015). You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Image Credit: Original image from Anthony Delanoix via Unsplash

So, Weed Wine Is Definitely A Thing 

Canna Vine is making this miraculous concoction that consists of organic marijuana and biodynamically farmed grapes. I don’t know what biodynamic farming is but it does sound very special and like it would result in good tasting wine.

Queen Bey or Ivanka - who won the week in feminism? (Image Credit: By Rocbeyonce via Wikimedia Commons; Flickr/Rich Girard)

#RavsRadar: Ivanka Trump Or Beyoncé- Who Wins This Week At Feminism?

So, who is more actively feminist this week? Ivanka, who can’t articulate a White House policy for bettering the lives of women? Or Beyoncé, who is shelling out big bucks to better the lives of women?


Kylie Jenner Wants You To Put Makeup On Your Ears

The Daily Mail did the hard work of tracking down prices for the various products Kylie has on her face — and ears — and the retail cost of using them would be $500.

I’m thrilled to see that the states are ready to stand up for our voting rights at this crossroads of history.

States' Response To Trump's Voter Fraud Commission Requests? "Nah, Bro."

One by one, states have issued responses to Trump's voter fraud commission that range from very polite citations of the laws preventing them from releasing the data to cheeky clap backs at this latest POTUS overreach.


DC Blizzard Brings Ice, Snow, And The First All-Woman Senate Meeting In History

While most of the region was huddled in their homes with hot beverages and endless blizzard coverage, some intrepid Senators and their staffs made their way to the Capitol to gavel in a session of the Senate. And who were these dedicated public servants? I’ll tell you one thing: they weren’t men.

"Since the real world contains kickass Black women, the Marvel universe should certainly reflect that." Image:

Iron Man Has A Successor — And She's A Young Black Woman!

There’s going to be a shake-up in the Avengers universe — and the new Iron Man is going to be an Iron Woman. Also? She’s Black.

Women and sports?

Can I Be A Sports Fan And A Feminist?

Can you name a WNBA team in your state? Do you know the name of a top woman golfer? Did you know it took Venus Williams digging her heels in to get equal prize money for men and women at Wimbledon and that didn’t happen until 2007. Venus Williams! Getting paid less than a dude! VENUS WILLIAMS!

The official Harry Potter site will be releasing three short e-books on September 6. Image: wikipedia

Harry Potter Fans, Rejoice! J.K. Rowling Is Releasing Three New E-Books

Did this summer’s release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child have you longing for more time in the wizarding world? Do you wish you were headed to Platform 9 3/4 next week? Do you just need more Potter? Well, look no further than Pottermore!


Surgeons To Attempt First Penis Transplant In The US

Surgeons at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD are planning to attempt the first US penis transplant. The surgery will be performed on a soldier who was wounded in Afghanistan.