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Winona Dimeo-Ediger is a blogger, author, and banjo enthusiast based in Nashville, Tennessee. Follow her on Instagram @winonarose.

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4 Tips For Hashtagging Your Most Deeply Private Moments

For example, if you’re having gastrointenstinal distress, resist the urge to hashtag it with something generic like #diarrheacramps. Instead, include your first and last name and the date to make it your own: #LynnSmithDiarrheaCrampsFebruary2016.


Signs You Might Be An Entitled Millennial Who's Ruining Everything

Basically, if you took a map of the world and put red pushpins wherever something terrible was happening, you’d find a millennial directly in the center, snapchatting.

Loving your body isn’t easy, but once you start, it gets easier.

Loving Your Body Isn't Easy #DitchTheDiet2016

How does that old cliché go? “Love is not a noun, it’s a verb”? Loving your body is a verb. It’s an action — and in many ways it’s a sacred and defiant one.


Off The Cuff: Body Image Issues & Skimpy Summer Clothes

All the skimpy clothes that come along with this time of year give me anxiety.


Off The Cuff: How Do I Even "Dress My Age"?

Dressing your age is much more complicated and personal than it might seem. Only you can decide if that “awkward” feeling about your revealing outfit came from a place within yourself or from outer pressure to look or dress a certain way.

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5 Real Fashion Emergencies (And What To Do About Them)

These things could never happen. But WHAT IF THEY DID?

The Beebs. Image:esy: <a href="//">Flickr</a>

An Imagined Conversation In Which Justin Bieber Tries And Fails To Say “Sorry”

Justin: I know you know that I made those mistakes maybe once or twice. Me: Once or twice? Really, Justin? Justin: And by once or twice I mean maybe a couple a hundred times. Me: Right. Now we’re on the same page.

When you’re helping people zip up dresses and watching their reactions to certain items of clothing, you start noticing patterns. Image: Thinkstock.

4 Things Women Say In The Dressing Room (And What I Wish I Could Say Back)

When you’re helping people zip up dresses and watching their reactions to certain items of clothing, you start noticing patterns. Here are four of the phrases I hear most often in the dressing room, and how I wish — oh, how I wish! — I could respond.

fit and flare is always a win (that's my son, not my boyfriend)

Off The Cuff: I’m Ready To Shop For My New Size, But Where Do I Start?

You deserve to be happy just as you are, and that extends to the clothes you put on in the morning. I’m so glad you’ve decided to buy some clothes that fit and make you feel fabulous and stylish. Even if it’s just a few new pieces, it’s going to make such a difference in the way you look and feel.

Salad is not the only food.

5 Popular Weight Loss Tips That Can SUCK IT #DitchTheDiet2016

If you’re at an amazing restaurant, eat the amazing food there! Enjoy it! Don’t limit yourself to one bite of expensive entree because you frantically forced down a pound of undressed salad before the bread basket showed up. Eat salad for its own sake. Eat it because you want to eat it, not because you’re trying NOT to eat something else.