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5 Signs A Toxic Friend Is Slowly-But-Surely Killing Your Otherwise Healthy Relationship

Is it you, or are you friends with toxic people? Read...
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Ask Erin: My Boyfriend Blocked Me On Social Media For Stalking Him

I can't stop stalking him again and again by making fake accounts, using friends’ accounts, and things like that.  Read...
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How To Stop Being Toxic In Your Own Life

Toxicity lies in excusing your own worst behavior. Read...
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Advice On Dealing With Toxic Friends — From A Former Toxic Friend

A romantic partner or friend can have toxic behaviors without being fully “toxic.” There are ways to manage such behavior. How do I know? Because I’ve been that needy, over-involved, manipulative friend. Read...
Have you stopped having sex, or are you worried that you’ve fallen out of love with each other?

Your Terrible Relationship Could Actually Kill You

Is it better to be alone than to be in a miserable relationship?