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Carrie is an author, recipe creator, food lover, and feels super pumped about connecting people in her online community, With a great sense of humor, warmth, and vulnerability, Carrie brings genuine reality to the Internet, along with tasty food and slightly inappropriate jokes. After receiving her paramedic medical training, Carrie spent a decade abroad and in the U.S. in the non-profit medical sector, before venturing into the world of Ayurveda and integrated health in 2011.Carrie uses her skills mostly for good these days, and helps clients from all over the world meet their health goals. She loves spending time around the table with her young son, partner, family, and friends. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

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Here's some real-world advice on how to avoid getting roped into guilt trips.

No Strings Attached: Negotiating Adult Relationships Without The Guilt Trips

The fastest way to living without strings is to be up front about expectations and exchanges, even if it's uncomfortable. Like money. Like time. Like emotional sweat equity.

Carrie and her son E

Measuring Worth: Why Weight Doesn’t {Really} Matter

Something powerful shifted for me when I turned 30. I decided to stop caring about my weight as a means to measure my success, beauty and worth as a woman. I gave myself permission to care for my body, and to care for the woman inside that body first.

Don't sink to anyone else's lows.

When All Else Fails, Be Kind

Because here's the thing. Kindness is the antidote to the poison being pedaled by the Trumps of the world. Your anger is valid and important, and your despair should never be overlooked. And you can be all of the things, feel all of the feelings, ardently and vigorously defend the most vulnerable among us, say all of the words you need to say, and act with an undercurrent of kindness.

What is a Total Elimination Diet?

Eating A Total Elimination Diet When You Have A History Of Disordered Eating

As someone who has battled bulimia, overeating, and a fairly disordered relationship with food, a Total Elimination Diet (or TED) is daunting and triggering.

We tried a very new thing, a new recipe that I was aching to make but lacked the confidence to judge its greatness on my own. Image: Our Stable Table.

#RavsRecipes: Japanese Eggy-Rice Breakfast

Tamago kake gohan is made with hot sushi rice, an egg, soy sauce, and good dash of furikake (a traditional seaweed and sesame rice seasoning). It is comforting, filling, entirely satisfying, and stays with you for several hours. This is great fuel for a school day, a sick day, or a day spent hiking — or marathoning Project Runway.

 I landed on a question that made total sense to my helicopter parenting mom-brain: Does that feel safe in your body?

The One Question That Halted My Helicopter Parenting

After combing through mommy groups, I landed on a question that made total sense to my helicopter parenting mom-brain: Does that feel safe in your body?

Winter can be wonderful. (Image Credit: UnSplash/Thought Catalog)

Hating On Winter? Embrace Ayurveda And Get Cozy With It

In the tradition of ancient Ayurveda, winter is a time to reflect, ruminate, nurture yourself and your relationships, and be still.

Grabbing a bag of frozen veggies and dumping them in a pan is just as easy as opening up a frozen dinner and popping it in the microwave.

Lazy Vegan Coconut Curry

Here's my favorite lazy food dish. I like it because I feel like I'm doing my body a solid by plying it with veggies, and my taste buds rejoice with spicy-sweet comfort food. It's like your very hardworking grandmother is hugging you from the inside.

#RavsRecipes: Feel Better Broth

#RavsRecipes: Feel Better Broth

Sick? Don't want to drink a gallon of Nyquil? Try this!