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I Quit My Job Because of Chronic Illness

When you hear about a person with a chronic illness working or not working or considering quitting a job, these decisions were not made lightly. Read...

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Why Do We Still Think A Woman’s Pain Is ‘All In Her Head?'

Treating women like idiots has the additional consequence of making women less likely to report symptoms in general. It’s really exhausting

Ali Abbassi’s Border movie

Take The Cake: Does Ali Abbassi’s ‘Border’ Have Lessons For Fat Acceptance?

Ali Abbassi’s ‘Border’ movie ultimately reminded me of what happens when we meet someone who reflects our power back to us.

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What Your Menstrual Products Say About You

Your period is a time for many things: comfort eating, getting into arguments for reasons you can't reconstruct…but it’s also a time to express Read...

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Take The Cake: Dieting Used To Be Gender-Affirming For Me

I can say that dieting symbolized a lot of things for me. I work to claim a uniquely fat femininity that thrives when my belly is full.

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Take The Cake: A Fat Babe Donated Her Wardrobe to Goodwill & This Happened

I finally left Goodwill with about 15 pieces and the sense that I had a new friend who donated her wardrobe. Fat intimacy and solidarity!

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Take The Cake: No One Gets To Tell You What Your Body Looks Like

Affection or attention that relies upon body conformity is not love — it’s exploitation. I’m here to tell you once and for all: your body is yours Read...

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Why Misgendering Me Makes Me Feel Like My Body Is A Problem

Queer people have to work hard for individualized respect. We exist in a culture that forces us into a two-and-only-two sex and gender binary.