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Anxiety Can Go Fuck Itself

Like millions of other women, I struggle every day with anxiety. But not anymore. Fuck it. Read...
Jessie Fetterling    |   01.29.15   |   SHARE

SED: The Strange Eating Disorder Nobody is Talking About

What do you think when you hear "eating disorder?" Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   06.27.14   |   SHARE

Listful Thinking: 4 Stars Who Have Handled Bulimia Struggles Way Better Than Lady Gaga

Gaga's vomit performance art has sparked outrage (and disgust). Here are other celebs who could school her on the right way to address experience Read...
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Human Barbie Banishes Food for Air and Light: We Call Intervention

When the aliens decide that Earthlings are just too damn dumb for brain harvesting, we’ll have wacko Valeria Lukyanova to thank. This 23-year-old Read...
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From Eating Disorder to Activism: Demi Lovato to Front Anorexia App

Recovery Record, an app that aims to help those suffering from an eating disorder, is jonesing for a Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   02.10.14   |   SHARE