I never imagined myself being anyone’s wife so I grieved for my single life when I got married.

Why I Grieved For My Single Life When I Got Married

I never imagined myself being anyone’s wife so I grieved for my single life when I got married. I began to secretly long for the life I’d left behind. Read...
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What It Means To Be An Empath 

It’s suicidal to be an intuit or an empath. It’s twice as deadly to be both. I feel first and process second. It means you are a healer and a teacher Read...
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How To Heal From PTSD Caused By Childhood Or Emotional Trauma, According To Science

Did you know that only about 11 percent of the people exposed to trauma develop PTSD? You can heal from emotional trauma. Read...
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The Oddly Fascinating Way Your Brain Activity Affects Your Closest Friendships

A new study has taken everything we know about how close we feel to our best friends and blown that noise right out of the water. Read...
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We’ve normalized divorce nastiness.

Why Is Our Default Response To Divorce Nastiness?

We’ve normalized divorce nastiness. Anger and conflict have become the default response to going through a divorce. It's not a good thing. Read...
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Consent Is Best: Let's Stop Shaming Mothers Into Breastfeeding

When I first realized I wasn’t going to really breastfeed, I was determined that everyone knew why. We need to stop shaming mothers into Read...
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Marital Status Should Not Define A Woman

Regardless of gender identity, marital status, celebrity or accomplishments, no one should be forced to choose from narrow titles. Read...
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The Difference Between High Standards And Unrealistic Expectations In Your Relationship

How can I know the difference between having high standards and unrealistic expectations in relationships? Where do I draw the line? Read...
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