People We Love

"If you told me at 12 you could be plus-size and have a happy life, I would have thought you were insane. I want to change that mindset." - Jenny Zigrino
"I want my comedy to be relatable and to hopefully help. Either through breaking societal norms and perceptions or even giving one person the chance to not feel alone."
Tomi Adeyemi might be the writer whose book deal seared me with insane jealousy and sent waves crashing through the book world.
"Writing has always been in me, it’s the first thing I ever did without anyone telling me what to do."
While talking to Natalie Meagan, I asked her about the creation of The Crybaby Club, her reasoning behind the stigmas surrounding emotions.
"It was completely by accident. I thought the joke was only funny to me because most of my jokes are only funny to me. The whole thing happened because I felt like I wasn’t doing anything with my life, so it’s all very ironic."
Her songs are deeply personal and introspective — they just happen to be catchy as hell at the same time.
"I feel like a lot of teenage girls definitely have at some point in their lives felt like they don't belong in a certain environment. I know I certainly did. Everyone goes through periods like that."
S.A. Chakraborty is the debut author of The City of Brass, a sweeping and epic fantasy from Harper Voyager that brings to life Middle Eastern history.
"What does it feel like to live under foreign occupation? How can faith and patriotism be twisted into something that makes otherwise decent people do terrible things? Where’s the line between being a pragmatic ruler and being a tyrant?"
Wicked Like a Wildfire, the debut young adult novel by literary agent Lana Popovic, is a book that seems created just to fit the description “atmospheric.”
"Relationships between women have always fascinated me the most, in literature as much as in life."
We chatted with her about the #Girlgaze book, the power of women being their authentic selves, and why she doesn't particularly care whether other people like her — and why you shouldn't care, either.
"By creating this supportive and inclusive community, we’ve re-instilled the notion that girls are powerful — that their minds, their ideas are just as valuable as those that come from men."
Carina Chocano talks about how “The girl” is a sidekick, plus-one to the central character: a dude. She may be smart and beautiful, but she’s half-formed.
"There's an idea that we don't have our own identities and must be subsumed by the people around us. But we are also subsumed by the story of what a girl or a woman should be; we’re not allowed to break away from that."
Jennifer Mathieu has spent much of her life pouring into the lives of teenagers, both through her day job as a teacher and through the four books.
Well, I’m a feminist, and I think living my life as a feminist has made my life more joyful and more fulfilled, and I am a whole-hearted supporter of getting as many young women on board with the women’s movement as possible.
Sound engineers, producers, record label executives — just 5% of the people who produce and proliferate our music are women.
"I never listened to much advice, but maybe to always stay away from tap beer unless you're in Europe."