People We Love

In addition to being a professional sex coach, Myisha is also the host of “Down For Whatever,” a podcast that explores any and every aspect of human sexuality.
"Take advantage of any amount of pleasure you can get right now, sexual or not."
My Rogue, My Ruin is a delightfully daring story that turns the classic tale of Robin Hood into a steamy historical romance.
"To us, romance novels are empowering. They allow women to explore their sexuality in a safe space and to not feel ashamed by their wants and needs."
Although it’s only been in the past year or so that I’ve developed a burning passion for psycholo
"Being witness to the heart-wrenching stories made it clear to me that I could not just sit back and do nothing."
I'm by no means the first person to describe it as "feminist Fight Club." There isn't much else to say that could possibly be more convincing.
"We need diversity in media representation, with images of fat, happy women, which is about so much more than the token use of plus-size models in the fashion industry."
With a new book in the works and a lifelong commitment to making yoga accessible and enjoyable for everyone, we called Jessamyn up to chat about her yogi beginnings, the spiritual roots of her practice, and the revolutionary act of letting yourself exist.
"This practice really is meant for everybody."
Creator of grungy, gritty rock and roll with a poet’s heart, her critically-lauded record, Beyond the Bloodhounds, tells tales of a tumultuous childhood and split geographical identity.
"A little mystery goes a long way."
He's a very important member of our little corner of the web, which comes as no surprise, since he seems to be right on course to take over the whole damn world. Crop-tops and good hair for all!
"Positive body image is a battle that is fought every day. You don't hit a point where you say, "Ah yes, I'm confident now" and just stop feeling insecure."
photo credit: Lindy West (instag
"Shrill is a memoir about growing up fat with big opinions, in a culture that wants women to be small and compliant."
There are few feelings better than experiencing a piece of art for the first time and realizing that it will stay with you forever. Watching Gaelynn Lea's Tiny Desk Contest submission was one of those moments for me.
“Disability is still so far out of that conversation realm, so we need to do anything we can do to put it in people's minds more, so that things start changing, because I really think people are good enough, generally. Change could happen, but if nobody knows what's around then they can't change it.”
When recounting that Mildred didn’t like that Gayle was flat-chested at 15, we learn how Mom stuffed her daughter’s bathing suit top with foam. It escaped and floated away during a swim lesson. Rather than express regret at the incident, Mildred offers the response, “Your boobs grew, and your nose grew.”
“I forgave my mother by understanding her.”