affirmative consent

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I'm Interested In A Sexual Relationship With You

Everyone could use a refresher on navigating consent.  Read...
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Ask Erin: I Think The Guy I'm Dating Raped Me

I think the guy I'm dating raped me. He calls it rough sex but I'm not so sure. It hurts, and I get bruises, but he says that it's normal. Read...
"It hurts me to know that what I experienced was rape, that I spent eight years denying it and blaming myself." Image: Thinkstock

Being Raped Forced Me To Admit That I Myself Had Been Sexually Coercive

It took me a long time to understand consent. I knew that forcing sex on someone was rape. I knew that one in five women would be raped in their lifetime. I knew that the majority of rape victims knew their attacker. But beyond that, my understanding got cloudy.

"You cool with this? Yes? Awesome." (Credit: ThinkStock)

Media Backlash Over California's 'Yes Means Yes' Affirmative Consent Law Demonstrates Why We Need It

Why are so many well-established media types coming down against a law designed to curb campus sexual assault?