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Lizard People: Flash Fiction

She got too high while watching The Bachelor and had a misanthropic breakdown. Read...
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Why The Bachelor Is Scarily Similar To The Hunger Games

The breakup of Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis sheds light on a chilling connection between the dystopian film and the TV dating show. Read...
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That Moment on The Bachelorette: Slut Shaming or Heart Breaking?

Reality TV: because gladiator fights are outlawed. Read...
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Hear Us Out, Haters: Why The Bachelorette is Good for Womankind

The latest incarnation of The Bachelorette debuted last night. Here's why you should watch this trashy TV wonder. Read...
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The Cinderella Complex: Why You Should Boycott Fox's Prince Harry Dating Show

The words "disgusting" and "abhorrent" do little to describe much of the Fox corporation's behavior, but a new reality show— I Wanna Marry Harry Read...
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Why We Boo Celebrities Like Justin Bieber

Both the Biebs and The Bachelor's Juan Pablo were booed over the weekend. Isn't is time we moved on from this barbaric expression of Read...
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