Chadai C as Audrey Horne.

Halloween Inspiration From Twin Peaks Cosplayers Of Color

With summer firmly in the rearview mirror and autumn’s pumpkins spicing up our beverages and wardrobe tones, it’s finally every grown-up kid’s Read...
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These Plus-Size Disney Bounders Will Light Up Your Day

Disneybounding is adults dressing up in “street clothes” which are reflective of their character of choice. Here plus-size Disney bounders you'll Read...
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Reclaiming ALL costumes for all bodies. (Image Credit: Instagram/talynnkel)

Fat Positive Cosplay: Meet TaLynn Kel

If you are a geek, you like to share your passion in a number of ways. Cosplay, short for costume play, refers to dressing up as a character in a Read...