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Take The Cake: The BoPo-Washing Of Weight Watchers (& The Weight Loss Industry)

How does a weight loss company sell weight loss products to people who don’t want to be fat but also don’t want to say they don’t want to be fat or Read...
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Dietland is canceled. Insatiable will return. Because of course, it will.

The Fat Girl Gets The Boot: Dietland Is Canceled

Dietland is canceled. Yep the (apparently not popular enough) AMC show has received news that it won’t be renewed for a second season. Read...
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Take The Cake: 3 Tips For Normalizing How Your Fat Body Moves, Looks & Feels

Bodies of all sizes do amazing stuff all the time. Don't let fatphobia hijack your body's right to exist in all its vast complexity. Read...
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image credit: Virgie Tovar via Instagram

Take The Cake: Is Diet Recovery Harder For Codependents?

The wound of codependency leaves a haunting question in its wake: Do I actually matter? Diet culture’s answer to fat people is: no. Read...
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image credit: Virgie Tovar via Instagram

Take the Cake: How To Kill The Dream Of Being Thin

It took me a long time to bury the dream of being thin. For some people it doesn’t take much to let go, and for others it’s a slow series of Read...
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The idea that there are foods that we “shouldn’t” eat comes from the ridiculous idea that we can’t make choices for ourselves.

5 Foods You Should Never, Ever Eat (No, Seriously)

We’ve all seen it: the advertisement lingering on the righthand side of your browser, with the words “5 Foods You Should Never Eat.” Read...
Briana Hernandez, Mama Fierce Blog

Confronting And Crushing Weight-Gain Anxiety

Diet culture teaches us is that the grass is always greener on the skinnier side of our memories. I'm confronting my own weight-gain anxiety. Read...
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Roxane Gay Made Me Realize My Body Image Issues Are Kind Of Bullsh*t

I don’t have a so-called “unruly body,” as Gay calls it. Therefore, my body still plays by the societal rules and meets the expectations of what a Read...
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