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Ravish Me This . . . Top 5 Reads Of The Week

Crowd-sourced porn, genderqueer dissections, and some good old-fashioned advice on how not to throttle your insomniac toddler. Read...
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This Crowdsourced Porn Series Wants To Film Your Fantasy (NSFW)

XConfessions uses real-life fantasies as inspiration for short erotic films. Could yours be next? Read...
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Feminist Filmmaker Erika Lust On Why Porn Must Change

The award-winning writer and adult film director is poised to lead a porn revolution. Could the #changeporn coup be upon us? Read...
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Cover of Erika Lust's film <em>Handcuffs</em>

Where's All The Good Porn For Women? 4 Female Adult Film Producers Weigh In

Last month, I wrote a story lamenting the sorry lack of quality porn for women. I was wrong. Very wrong. Read...
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