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Ravish Me This . . . Top 5 Reads Of The Week

Crowd-sourced porn, genderqueer dissections, and some good old-fashioned advice on how not to throttle your insomniac toddler. Read...
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This Crowdsourced Porn Series Wants To Film Your Fantasy (NSFW)

XConfessions uses real-life fantasies as inspiration for short erotic films. Could yours be next? Read...
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Feminist Filmmaker Erika Lust On Why Porn Must Change

The award-winning writer and adult film director is poised to lead a porn revolution. Could the #changeporn coup be upon us? Read...
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Cover of Erika Lust's film Handcuffs

Where's All The Good Porn For Women? 4 Female Adult Film Producers Weigh In

Maybe I'm the only woman in the world who was unaware content of such quality actually existed. So I'm sharing all the good porn for women. Read...
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