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Men, if you don’t care about whether your partner is having a good sexual experience, you do not love them.

Why It Matters When Men Say They Don’t Go Down On Women

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Vagina-bearers wrongly assume that orgasms are limited to the clitoris and G spot. But there are so, so, many more.

Excuse Me, But Women Can Have 12 Different Orgasms

We now know women can have 12 different types of orgasms. Read...
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Watch: Rachel McAdams' Notebook Audition Reel Will Charm Even the Most Cold-Hearted Cynics

Today marks the 10th anniversary of one of the most Kleenex-ready films in history. A just-unearthed audition reel proves why it enchanted us all. Read...
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Multiple Orgasms: Ladies Ride Again and Again (But Why?)

Ever get off a roller coaster and just can't wait to ride it again? And again? Then maybe just one. more. time. ? Read...
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