Hugh Hefner

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Hugh Hefner: Abuser And Civil Rights Advocate (They Can Coexist)

Hugh Hefner - people either love him or hate him, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of room for middle ground. He was an abuser and civil rights Read...
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Playboy's Progressive New Direction

Is the company that's famous for dressing women like bunnies starting to *gasp* see women as people, too? Read...
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Hugh Hefner And Bill Cosby: What Happens When Your Friend Is A Rapist?

It's not easy to reconcile caring about someone with allegations of abuse against them. But sometimes, it's necessary. Read...
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I Represent Sex Workers Because Sex Work Is Work And Sex Workers Are People

The myth of the common "Sex Worker Experience" is silly and inauthentic. Read...
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Hugh Hefner: cigar smoker, boob liberator (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Playboy Knocks Street Harassment

Hugh Hefner is a fan of the ladies—but not in the way you'd assume. Read...
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