The Israel/Hamas Ceasefire Has Already Collapsed

The U.S. and UN announced a ceasefire yesterday. . . and it's already unraveled--as if the conflict's death toll and destructive track record weren't already horrific enough.

Courtesy of Standing with IDF's Facebook Page

Israeli-Palestinian Violence Rages On . . . As Israeli Women Show Their Boobs?

Three weeks into the terrible violence between Israel and Palestine, an interesting phenomenon has cropped up: women taking their clothes in support of IDF soldiers.


Can Dating Apps and Kissing Selfies Help Stop Israeli-Palestinian Violence?

Can sex help bridge the ever-widening Arab-Israeli divide? One Tumblr page is seeking to answer that very question.


4 Gazan Children Killed: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Is About to Get So Much Worse

A just-brokered 5-hour cease-fire between Israel and Palestine is unlikely to take hold. Sadly, if history is any indicator, the violence will probably continue unabated.