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Image: Wikipedia. Lili Elbe (The Danish Girl).

Why Transgender Representation In The Media Has A Long Way To Go

By now, almost everyone who follows news about trendy Hollywood films geared towards making that particular Oscar-worthy buzz have heard of the film Read...
Clara Charlotte-Imogen Reid    |   02.19.16   |   SHARE

Does Orange is the New Black Victimize Women?

Should we be worried about OITNB's sympathetic treatment of its female inmates? Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   07.1.14   |   SHARE

Transgender Americans Still Marginalized—and No, Dallas Buyers Club Didn't Help

Dallas Buyers Club emerges at a pivotal point; transgender people are marginalized not only as societal anomalies but are also remain grossly Read...
Katie Tandy   |   03.28.14   |   SHARE

Lupita Nyong'o! Let Us Count the Ways! (Be Our Best Friend)

Looking for a new bestie with an “in” with the Academy? Yeah yeah, we all love J Law and her Read...
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Jared Leto Mindf*cks Heckler at International Film Festival

On Monday, Jared Leto was interrupted onstage at Santa Barbara’s International Read...
Kate Zaliznock   |   02.6.14   |   SHARE