I never pay retail for anything (unless it’s from an independent designer, because we have to support the little guys) and I always hold out for what I love. Image: Thinkstock.

Why You Should Never  Shop For Occasions

When I help people clean out their wardrobes, the items I come across that hang in the back closet never seeing the light of day are usually pieces purchased in a frenzy — out of necessity instead of joy.


I Dream of Denim: Alexa Chung’s Collaboration With AG Makes Total Sense

She'e easily the most inspirational denim wearer, and everything she touches turns to gold.


How to Wow in White: 3 Post-Memorial Day Looks

We’ve been known to rock some all-white looks year-round—Memorial Day has historically been the cut-off day that makes it A-OK to rock head-to-toe white.


Spring Trend: The Kooky Art Teacher Look (Don't Worry, it's Surprisingly Wearable!)

Get your wardrobe spring ready with artful prints, brush-stoke patterns and color-theory palettes. Macaroni necklace not included.